13 September 2016
Makrab Desain Produk 2016
Malam Keakraban Desain Produk, 9-11 September 2016 @Puncak
At the beginning of every year, new coming product design students gather around together with current product design students from different batches at Malam Keakraban, or Makrab for short. This event is one of HMDP (Himpunan Mahasiswa Desain Produk) Development Division's program to welcome the new students to the Design Product family.
The title of our makrab this year is Simultatem, which is Latin for togetherness. The students spent three days (9-11th September) at Villa Safier in Cisarua, away from campus, to get to enjoy this unifying event.  Bariandra, Fariz Hilmansyah, Jessy Kusno, Lia Hanjani, Sheena and Tania Jocelynn were invited for the alumni sharing session, in which students received useful advices and tips. Games and other fun activities were arranged to create a new bonding experience, enhance the sense of togetherness and to familiarize students to the UPH Product Design family.
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