29 November 2016
Workshops for High School Students
Jewelry and Ceramics Workshops for High School Students, on Friday, 28 November 2017
Working together with the UPH Marketing Team, we held 2 workshops for high school students who wanted to experience a glimpse of what we do here at Product Design - UPH. There were 18 students who joined the Jewelry Workshop "Making Jazzage Headband", and 20 students joined Ceramics Workshop "Making Ocarina Musical Instrument". Both workshops were taught by our own lecturers.
workshop 28-11 5
Jewelry Workshop - Briefing by the lecturer
workshop 28-11 3
Jewelry Workshop - The participants are making their own headband
workshop 28-11 2
Ceramic Workshop - The 1st batch of participants are making their ocarina, assisted by our lecturer
workshop 28-11 4
Ceramic Workshop - The 2nd batch of participants are also making their ocarina