20 March 2017
A Visit From POLMAN Astra
A visit from POLMAN (Politeknik Manufaktur) Astra lecturers, 17 March 2017
On Friday, 17 March 2017, we got 2 visitors from POLMAN Astra lecturers, Pak Harki and Pak Eka. They came in purpose to build a collaboration between UPH Product Design and POLMAN Astra, especially in devloping engraving/CNC machine.
polman 3
Pak Eka and Pak Harki were setting up their self-built engraving machine for a demo.
polman 1
Presentation about the collaboration that both parties could do together in the future.
polman 2
Pak Harki was running the POLMAN Astra self-built engraving machine.