24 July 2017
Design Camp 2017
Design Camp 2017: "Discover Your Passion in Art & Design"
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On 12-14 June 2017, UPH School of Design held the Design Camp 2017: "Discover Your Passion in Art & Design".
This year, Design Camp came with a new concept, where the participants (there were 19 of them, which mostly were Junior and Senior High School students) joined 9 intensive workshops for 3 days, taught by SoD lecturers. The workshops consisted of:
  • Archictecture: Architecture 101, Architecture 3D Modeling
  • Visual Communication Design: Digital Animation, Figure Drawing, Linocut Printing
  • Interior Design: Interior Drawing, Interior Modeling
  • Product Design: Jewelry Design, Pottery Making
design camp 2017
The workshops were followed a few weeks later with a 2-week exhibition that displayed the participants' works.
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From this event, besides the new skills and experiences, the participants of Design Camp 2017 also got a portfolio book, which was especially made for each of them.
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