03 October 2017
Gypsum Casting Workshop at SDH Daan Mogot
20 September 2017
On 20 September 2017, UPH participated in SMA Dian Harapan Daan Mogot EDUFAIR. As a part of it, our department held a short workshop for the high school students, to give them a brief picture about what we do at UPH Product Design.
The workshop was about 1.5 hours long, taught by our lecturer assistant and also assisted by the lecturer assistants from Interior Design and Visual Communication Design. There were about 20 students who joined the workshop, from grade 10 to 12. They learnt about gypsum casting, using simple tools and materials such as gypsum, used plastic cup, water, food coloring, plastic spoon and gloves. At the end of the workshop, all students were able to make their own tea light candle holder.
sdh 1
sdh 2