27 March 2018
UPH "Amazing Race"
A quick pottery exercise at UPH Amazing Race by Mr. Geoffrey Tjakra
On Wednesday, 21 March 2018, SMA St. Petrus Pontianak and SMA Karangturi Semarang visited UPH and had a Campus Tour program, assisted by UPH Marketing Team. The Campus Tour was held with a different concept from any tour, which was named "UPH Amazing Race". At the UPH Amazing Race, the students were divided into some groups and they needed to visit several places in UPH, then one of them had to take a photo there while doing some particular activity.
As one of the designated places, students who came by UPH Pottery Workshop got to listen to short explanation about the pottery subject at UPH Product Design by Mr. Geoffrey Tjakra (pottery lecturer). Mr. Geoffrey also showed a simple process of pottery technique "throwing", and the students had to try doing the technique and got their photos taken while doing it.
amazing race - st petrus