17 April 2018
Students Got Merit Awards at ASPAC 2017
Congratulation to Cheria Yacobus, Elaine Klarissa, and Irvin Aditya Parapak!
As a part of Studio 1 assignment, students from batch 2016 joined the Asia Students Package Design Competition (ASPAC) 2017, organized and promoted by Japan Foundation. The competition is held anually and opened for students from all countries in Asia, with the supports from many institutions, companies, and associations, to enhance international cultural exchange between Japan and Asia. The main theme for ASPAC 2017 is "Challenge!".
Among all students who took part in the competition, 3 students got Merit Awards for their works.
aspac 1
PLANTEA by Cheria Yacobus and Elaine Klarissa
aspac 2
COCOTOON by Irvin Aditya Parapak
Congratulation to all students for their hard works!