UPH Product Design curriculum comprise in 144 credits (approx. 3.5 years).

Year 1

Basic Design Studio 1, Drawing 1, Technical Drawing, Product Photography, Critical Thinking, Introduction to Natural Sciences, Academic Skills

Basic Design Studio 2, Drawing 2, Computer Modeling, Rapid Prototyping, Christian Religion/World Religions, Bahasa Indonesia, Health and Wellness

Material and Process, Design Presentation 1, Psychology: Self-Awareness


Year 2

Product Design 1, Basic Product Engineering, Craft, Ergonomy 1, History of Art & Culture 1, Philosophy of Science
Product Design 2, Elective 1, Furniture Design 1, Ergonomy 2, History of Art & Culture 2, Ethics
History of Product Design, History of Thought, General English


Year 3

Product Design 3, Elective 2, Furniture Design 2, Design Method
Entrepreneurial Design, Elective 3, Sustainable Design, Socio Cultural Design, Civics
Design for Community, Design Presentation 2


Year 4

Pre Final Project, Internship
Final Project

Automotive Styling, Automotive Modeling, Ceramics: Handbuilding, Ceramics: Mass Production, Fine Jewelry Design, Fashion Jewelry Design