1. What is Product Design?
Product design is a design process for daily products that aims to provide easiness, comfort, and lifestyle for users.

2. What are the products encompassed in Product Design?
The scope of product is actually very wide. However in Product Design UPH, products are divided into industrial and craft. Industrial orientation focuses on mas-scale manufacture industries, such as furniture, transportation, leisure/ lifestyle, lighting, healthcare product, public design and interior, and many other. Craft orientation emphasises on individual skills and material exploration which applied on daily products, such as jewelry, fashion product, sustainable furniture, home accessories, homeware, and many other.  

3. What are the basic skills necessary for new students to enter this program?
Drawing skills will ease students when they enter any design program, include Product Design. However with the absence of it, we will teach basic drawing skills and presentation drawing to early semester's students. So, students will not need to worry.

4. What do we learn if we join this program?
Subjects taught are theories, practices, and combination of both. Look at details of subjects on the menu "Curicullum". You can also preview students portfolio per subject on the menu "Gallery".

5. Why do I have to choose this program?
Product design jobs are very promising these days because products and services from creative industries are favored and appreciated by consumers. Moreover, quantity of product designers is quite low, enables the graduates to grab more chances in various product design fields. Check our alumni careers on the menu "Alumni.  

6. Does this program have sub majors?
Product Design UPH does not have sub majors, but competencies taught are industrial and craft. See details of product scopes that we teach on the menu "Gallery". Menu "Gallery" is a collection of students portfolio per subject.  

7. How long will it take to graduate from this major?
Students normally need 3.5 to 4 years in order to graduate. It will be faster if students take short semesters.

8. Is there any other activities apart from classes?
To preview year-per-year activities that has been done, refer to menu "Student Activities". There are plenty of activities apart from classes that collaborates with student committee, such as competition, visit study, exhibition, industry/ factory visit, upgrading, alumni gathering, and many more. These activities provide insights and experiences students can't get during typical classes.

9. How are the lecturers's profile in this program?
Our faculty staffs are academics and practitioners with local and overseas experiences on his/her fields. For detail information, click on the menu "Faculty".

10. What are the facilities provided in this program?
For photos and facilities details, click on the menu "Facilities".

11. How is the career prospect after I graduate from this program?
Product design graduates can pursue careers as product designers, design consultants, entrepreneurs, and academics. In industry career terms, graduates of product design can apply as product designer, product design consultant, furniture designer, furniture contractors, jewelry designers, merchandisers, decorators, creative directors, and many more. Scopes of product are very large, therefore graduates can pursue any skills as his/her expertise (and of course that has industrial demands).
You can also preview alumni data that have already worked by clicking on the menu "Alumni".

12. Does this program link with industries?
Product Design UPH links with many local industries as well as from other provinces. On certain semesters, projects will collaborate with industries. During internships, students will have to work on product design companies. If students work well, they are very potential for future recruitment. Industries also hold competitions and sosialisations to our students.    

13. Where have the alumni of this program work?
Our alumni have worked on local and overseas companies, in various fields such as furniture, automotive, jewelry and accessories, footwear, wedding merchandise, wood workshop, curator, design consultant, product marketing, academics, interior, photography, and many more.
For detail information per year, see on the menu "Alumni".

14. What students, alumni, or lecturers's achievements that have been made?
For achivements information, click on the menu "News". We provide all details for students, alumni, and faculty achievements on that menu.
For detail data and faculty portfolio, click on the menu "Faculty".

15. Why am I not really familiar with this program?
In overseas universities, product design are commonly known as industrial design. But, many have begun naming it as product design. In Indonesia, various terms are Industrial Product Design or even Industrial Techonology. There are just a few universities that have this program, and Product Design UPH is one of the most distinguished in Jakarta.