Final Project
Final project is the final subject that all students may choose to the following options:
- Design Project
- Thesis
- Internship
- Term Paper
- Entrepreneurship
- Material Research
The design project allows the students to create a final assignment through a series of processes such as planning, strategy, and approach to a particular problem chosen. They will need to be able to deliver a product design to the audience in both visualization and writing and it should be defended in the final presentation. The product that they will create should have a specific design issue such as environmental issue, user-centered design, universal design, cultural related issues, technological, etc.
Thesis is a research based project that students must employ research method to discover certain art and design related problems. Students have to be able to present the research in extensive writing and defend the argument profoundly in order to pass the final presentation judgment.
On-the-job training program or 'internships' for university students are well recognized as valuable preparation for future job placement. UPH has initiated an Internship Program that allows qualified students (who have completed 3 years of a 4-year S1 degree program) opportunity to work during short or long semester and receive 6 credits toward graduation. There are two types of supervision associated with internships required to maximise the benefit for the intern and the company involved; include a Work Supervisor and an Academic Supervisor. The academic supervisor is provided by the university department to gibe educational, theoretical and sometimes 'emotional' support to facilitate the transition for academia to the practical work environment. The intern is expected to carry out his/her jpb performance activities that result in identifying and solving problems with analysis and reflection in the form of a final report and its presentation.
Term paper consists of two or three chosen elective courses that equals to 6 credits.
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