The objective of this subject is about working with tools to deal with wood, metal, plastic, composite, and the techniques applicable to each in the making of the objects. These are the list of essentials that the students will need to perform throughout the semester. After finishing this course, students are expected to be able to support and develop product design projects especially regarding visual presentation (3D).

wm1 wm2 wm3
wm - packaging 1wm - packaging 2wm - packaging 3
wm - packaging 4wm - packaging 5
wm mebel - 2bwm mebel - 1awm mebel - 3a
wm mebel - 5awm mebel - 7a
wm eyewear 1wm eyewear 3wm eyewear 2
wm eyewear 4wm eyewear 5
*Eyewear project using acrylic, sponsored by ASTARIGLAS